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This is our farmhouse at SelvaGiurata® – Azienda Agricola Rebez Laureati.

Our family-run farm and business are rooted in history, while our goal is to preserve that past for future generations.

We continue to do this by modernising the historic family business, respecting tradition, offering the utmost of quality in our products, and respecting the environment,

clients and guests who place their trust in us.


We are immersed in nature, away from bustling urban spaces.

Half of our land is located in the beautiful Sentina Regional Nature Reserve and are dedicated to grain crops, while the remaining half is located on nearby Monte Renzo, where our olive grove is located and where we grow additional grains.


We primarily produce extra virgin olive oil, wood chips for smoking, and durum wheat pasta, with all of our products being locally produced under our SelvaGiurata® brand.


Our charming farmhouse traces its roots back to the first half of the 19th century. It has always been lived in, upkept and cared for, undergoing various renovations over the decades until the second half of the 1900s.

It was originally built on two levels that were connected by an external staircase – a characteristic feature of old homes of this kind in the Marche region – with the stables on the ground floor and the living quarters were on the upper floor.


The heart of the home were the kitchen and living area with their large fireplace, and it was here that the main bedroom was located.

Subsequently, the external staircase was incorporated into a second building that was annexed to the original structure. The house thus grew considerably, with new rooms dedicated to agricultural activities on the lower level and new bedrooms on the upper floor.